Def. The revelation of identity or fact.  As the initial step in the Triple "E" process, exposure is the key to success. Exposing a child to all the opportunities he or she has will open their mind up to all of the things they can accomplish. Exposure is the key to helping your child realize that the possiblities are endless and hard work can help them achieve their goals. 



Def. Carryout or put into effect. The next step is to actively integrate these ideas into your child's mind. Positive thinking makes for a greater chance of reaching one's goals. A motto for your child to remember, in the words of Descartes, "I think, therefore I am". 



Def. Give support, confidence, or hope to someone. Positive encouragement plants a seed in your child that blossoms into success. A child's prosperity starts in the home and when a child receives encouragement from their parent or guardian, it adds an extra layer of motivation and increases chances of success. 


Internet Access

There are many free tools on the internet to assist with courses if your child is having a hard time. Khan Academy is a reliable source of information.

Study and Practice

Study and Practice are keys to excelling in anything, the same goes for school. Ensure your child is studying and practicing with these tools to master any subject.

1. Make Flashcards

2. Read over notes (repetition is key!)

3. Don't wait until the last minute (if your child studies over a period of time, the information is more likely to stick)

4. Rewrite your notes

5. Highlight key information


Studying is very important. The more one studies, the better one performs.


School is hard, and I get that... I am a student myself. Just enforce that school is hard, but school is doable. You don't eat an elephant in one bite. Instead, you work different angles and eat an elephant piece by piece.

"I teach because I love it" 

"I am not merely a teacher, I am an educational rockstar" 

"I believe in you guys"