This is a series of entries from experiences in my life.

I am a high school senior and this is what I want to share from the past 17 years of my life.

May 9 - These are the components that should be included on an academic resume. Keep in mind to send the resume as a pdf if you send it electronically.

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May 13 - A young man came to speak with my medical class today after completing his freshmen year of college at William and Mary. He emphasized the importance of taking AP tests seriously as he has earned more than 20 credits from his AP test scores. He also made sure to assure us that we do not need a science major to be on the pre-med track. 

June 13 - Today is the last day of school. Make sure you have a productive summer. 

 June 17 - I started my research at Norfolk State today. I am working with a physics Phd student who is researching the sensitivity of surface plasmons.

 July 6 - Advanced Placement exam scores began to be released on the Collegeboard website today.

July 15 - Check the AP exam section of your Collegeboard account today to see if you won an award based off of your AP exam scores. 

 July 23 - Here is an essay I have written about academic integrity.

Throughout students’ academic careers, self-confidence will waver at one time or another, and they may feel pressured to compromise their academic integrity. There is a difference between requesting help from a friend and claiming a friend’s work as one’s own. AP Calculus and AP Language can be challenging courses at times, and that may reflect in my grade. However, when I look at the grade book, I feel an inclination to see what went wrong and how I can fix it next quarter because I know I can still make the grades average out to an A. Regardless of the AP U.S. History reading being 30 pages a night, I will complete my outline as I read each page. Academic integrity gets closer to being compromised as the weight of the world increases. Academic integrity does not only refer to only taking credit for one’s own work, but it refers to being in charge of one’s own academics. It has made me more of a hard-working student with strict morals that don’t allow me to crack under the pressure. It has shaped my mindset into putting my best foot forward and ensuring that I maintain a clear conscience. In the Medical and Health Specialties Program, our superiors hold us to the highest standards to ensure that we are getting the maximum education possible. I believe this guarantees that we all get the best education available, and ensures that there is no guise of false knowledge. Academic integrity is relying on one’s own knowledge to complete academic tasks throughout the day. Even when my classes get hard, I remain on the road less traveled because I pride myself in working for what I earn. 

 August 2 - Today is the beginning of Virginia's tax free weekend. You can get select items, like school supplies, tax free funtil August 4th.

August 15th -  I was able to get my position as a research assistant extended into the school year.

 September 10th - It is recommended that juniors take the SAT or ACT in the fall or winter of their junior year and the spring of their junior year.

 September 19th - Some school may require that you send an official score report with your application. This can be done through the testing agency. You can check to see if this is required by going to the school's website and reviewing the admission process requirements.

 October 5th - The PSAT is October 16th. The PSAT is required for juniors to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship.

October 12th - The Financial Aid application (FAFSA) opened on October 1st. Many schools have different deadlines on when to submit. It is best to get it done as soon as possible.  

 October 21st - I just discovered that Virginia Commonwealth University and Norfolk State University have joint programs to allow their students guranteed track to medical school.

 December 12th - Many college application deadlines are coming up. It is better to turn them in as soon as possible, so you can have a chance to submit any required materials that may be missing. If you are a junior, you should aim to take your first ACT or SAT soon.

 January 2nd - I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I wish the best for those who submitted their college applications for the January 1st deadline. 


February 21st - I hope everyone is safe. Enjoy the snow day!